Don't Let Time Be Your Enemy


Transferring files to the cloud should be easy, not a hassle. That's where we come in.
  • Easy to use

    Simple and easy to use interface to make your transfer experience less stressful.

  • Fast

    Stop wasting your time uploading/managing one file at a time.

  • Helpful Support

    We're here for you. If something doesn't work, doesn't make since, or you want a new feature we are just an email away.

  • Responsive Design

    Time is important for business. With a design that is fast, and responsive tasks are performed faster, and time is saved.

  • Well-Documented

    All of your content efficiently documented, for faster productivity.

  • Beautiful Typography

    Design is much more than the absence of clutter and ornamentation, its about bringing order to complexity, with Transigo we make your experience better with beautiful and easy to use typography.


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